Poison - REVIEW

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

By Bridget Zinn

Poison starts off with our bad-ass heroine, Kyra, committing a B&E at the former residence she shared with fellow Master Potioners Ned and her ex-fiance Hal. She is on the run from the Queens Guard after a failed attempt to kill the future Queen Ariana, who also happens to be her best friend. Or was. Before the whole attempted murder thing.

With her poisons ready and a newly acquired pig with an extraordinary sense of smell, she sets off to find the princess and finish what she started. Along the way she meets the charming, witty and handsome traveler Fred who is more than he appears. And Kyra just can’t stop thinking about him.

If I had to sum up Poison in one word it would be “fun”. I really enjoyed this book even though it was aimed at teens. It has all the fantasy elements you’d expect- action, adventure, magic, weapons, humor and just a pinch of romance.

I loved Kyra, Fred and even the princess Ariana who could be annoying at times. But my favorite character was Rosie. The magical little pink pig was just too cute.

There were quite a few twists and surprises at the end that I really did not expect. However, the ending seemed a bit rushed and storylines were wrapped up too smoothly. I think the author intended for Poison to be the first in a series. Sadly Bridget Zinn died of colon cancer in 2011 and never got to see her work published.

I’m a sucker for happy endings and this book did not disappoint! If you’re looking for a fast and easy read that will leave you satisfied, this is it!


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Great Read!

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