Roller Coaster Zip Line Adventure

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Our second adventure for the month of February led us to Forever Florida in St. Cloud. We were looking for a unique experience and we found it! This place is a 4,700 acre nature preserve where we spotted plenty of wildlife on our ride from the check in center to the zipline towers. We saw several alligators including a mom and her babies soaking up the sun, wild pigs, turkey and deer roaming free. We were also on constant watch for snakes. Wouldn’t want to step on one of those! The staff was very friendly and accommodating for friends or relatives that just wanted to observe our madness.

We signed up for the Thrill Pack adventure which began with a seven story assisted free fall. We climbed to the top of a seven story tower and jumped off! Okay it was more of a step and small push off, but it certainly got our blood pumping. We were a tad nervous. We hoped the Panther Pounce, as it’s called, would be saved for the end of our adventure, after our adrenaline had kicked in. No such luck. We loved the encouraging word etched in the dirt below as we took our leap of faith. “SPLAT”

Surprisingly it was a nice smooth descent. It didn’t feel like falling so much as floating down. Now that the “worst” was over we headed up another tower. The Rattlesnake Zipline Roller Coaster was next on our thrill list and we couldn’t wait to hop on! Unfortunately, it was a windy day which caused people in our group to get off to a very slow start on this zipline. I did not want to get stuck hanging around out there waiting for someone to give me a push so I was determined to take a running jump off of that tower.

It was a slow start but I didn’t get stuck! I was so proud of myself, until I hit that first big dip. For a split second the ropes I had been griping for dear life went slack and my brain suddenly went, “I have just made a terrible mistake.” I felt like I was riding a roller coaster and it suddenly derailed in mid air. We have to give this ride 5 stars for the thrill factor alone. It definitely exceeded our expectations! Best. Zip. Ever.

Our last zip was called the Peregrine Plunge, a 1,300 foot zip where you can race a buddy while soaring like a falcon. This was so smooth and easy, until I tried to spin around. It didn’t go quite as planned but it was super fun!

This zipline adventure is definitely one of our top favorites!

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