Devil's Millhopper

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Which path shall we take?
It was the perfect day for a mini adventure. We headed to Gainesville, Florida to Devil's Millhopper, a Geological State Park. We arrived at this sign. We can either take a half mile nature walk around the rim or head down 212 wooden steps to the bottom of the sinkhole. So down we went! This limestone sinkhole is 120 feet deep and looks as if you had stepped into a different world.

Heading down

If you are quiet and patient there is a chance you will see various birds, squirrels and even bobcats. We didn't see any bobcats but we did run into Kermit who was out enjoying his day like the rest of us.

Halfway down and it was clear we weren't in Florida anymore. It felt like we were in the middle of a miniature rain forest. The temperature was cooler, there were streams trickling down and small waterfalls surrounding us.

Once at the bottom we were greeted with this amazing sight. I half expected the creature from the black lagoon to pop out at any second. This limestone sinkhole has 12 springs that run into a small pond in the middle. Various fossils have been found including shark teeth and extinct land animals.

If you plan to take a trip to this beautiful little gem be sure to bring comfortable shoes, water, a camera and even a picnic. There's a small visitor center, a picnic area and a hiking trail. The fee to enter is $4 for up to 8 people per vehicle.

Heading up
Off to hike the trail and enjoy the scenery! October was a great time for this mini adventure. We highly recommend visiting if you want to get outdoors for some exercise, fresh air and new sights.

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