Saturday, April 02, 2016

By: Tara Brown writing as AE Watson

I didn't write any spoilers in my other reviews for this series, but I will be in this review! 
I'm glad the author gave us this alternate ending. It does wrap things up a little neater. Gives us the "happily ever after". The major change to this ending is that Will lives!!! They acquired some of the serum used to make the GEN babies to heal him. I like that she changed it so Will has been given the serum before. I think that explains his rage and mood swings much better. I feel that he and Emma are a little bit better together because of it. He understands her in a way that so very few do.

I knew it was too much to hope for but I really thought that maybe, just maybe, Leo would live. Throughout the entire series there were moments that made me cry, but nothing made me cry as hard as when Emma was sitting before Leo's grave and talking to him. He was my favorite character next to Emma. He was her ever faithful companion, a loyal friend and protector. He was her family. 
"He was the warmth in the dark and the person I needed to not be alone."

I do like the original ending better. It was more heart wrenching and real. But I'm glad that the author did this. After everything Emma went through it was nice to see her have this happy ending.

"Because it's us and them, and it always was" 


Loved It!

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