Monday, February 29, 2016

By: Aimee Easterling

EPISODE 1- Bloodling Wolf: Wolf Young is a bloodling. Unlike most werewolves he is born a wolf. His father wants nothing to do with him and tosses him out into the snow to die. He is taken in and raised by Tia, becoming a milk-brother to Chase. He spends his childhood as a wolf until the age of 14 when he learns to shift. Although younger than his blood-brother Justin, he is far superior and even more dominant. Justin knows this and forces Wolfie to leave the pack. Wolfie tries to sneak away in the middle of the night but is met by several other pack members, including Chase and Tia, who decide to leave with him.

EPISODE 2- In Deep Shift: Justin sends a letter to Wolfie telling him that their father has died and he is to attend All-Pack and support him in becoming the new alpha of Clan Young. Wolfie sees this as the perfect opportunity to lobby for territory for his pack. Readers are introduced to Chief Wilder who is the leader of All-Pack and alpha of Clan Wilder. Wolfie makes a deal with Wilder to get the land for his pack in exchange for a favor to be named at a later date.

EPISODE 3- Two Scent's Worth: Wolfie and his pack land a big job doing computer security for a bank. He wants to use the extra income to obtain more territory for his pack.
Wolfie has been tracking down Wilder's family, specifically his two daughters, gaining knowledge to be used as leverage against Wilder when he calls in that favor. One has passed away, leaving a son. Wolfie wants to purchase the land where the son lives hoping one day the son will join his pack. The other daughter is Terra. Wolfie is instantly attracted and fascinated by her. He feels an instant bond with her even though he isn't quite sure why. He never does more than watch her, keeping his distance, but she is always on his mind.

EPISODE 4-Feint of Heart: Wolfie, along with two of his pack members, Wade and Fen, attend All-Pack to join in the Winter Hunt. The object of the hunt is to be the first to track down Wilder before the moon rises. He is determined to win and get approval to buy new territory. He almost fails. The lure of a pack princess overwhelms his senses and causes him to lose course. Fen steps up and makes Wolfie see who and what this princess truly is- a distraction placed on his team by Wilder. Once back on track they find Wilder who isn't too pleased at their win.

EPISODE 5- Hair Apparent: Wilder has finally come to call in that favor. He tells Wolfie that he is slowly becoming mad, becoming less able to control his wolf. and wants him to become alpha of his pack. He declines knowing it is not what's best for his pack. Wolfie meets Terra for the first time and realizes the bond he felt is something that will last forever.

I loved Wolfie! He is sincere, honorable, and has a bit of a compulsive streak.  He isn't your average alpha. He didn't immediately take to his new position. Instead he left the decision making to his pack for the first few years. He prefers to be a wolf and its interesting to see things from a wolf's perspective. I enjoyed the relationship between him and his milk-brother Chase. I caught myself laughing out loud at some of their antics, especially when Chase would "mother" Wolfie.

Aimee Easterling's writing is impressive, drawing me in and making me feel like I was a bystander in this werewolf world.  I have read many werewolf and shifter novels but this series stands out. I can't wait to read more from her!


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