Lost in: Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

I love finding hidden gems, and this place is definitely one of my favorites! Tucked away down some winding, rocky terrain in Williston, Florida right next door to Devil's Den (another amazing spot I absolutely love and will write about in a future post) is a beautiful little paradise filled with waterfalls, flowers and lakes.

Plan for at least an hour to explore all the lovely little nooks and crannies. This old lime rock quarry was transformed by Dr. Raymond Webber little by little, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow, over the years into this stunning oasis.

Picnic tables, benches and many scenic overlooks are sprinkled throughout. We had the entire place to ourselves on our very first trip. No lines, no people, just the beauty of nature surrounding us.

We came across this gorgeous pair of swans napping and paddling about the lake. I made sure to snap their picture from a safe distance. Geese and swans are two aggressive feathered critters I don't trust for a minute, especially during nesting season. They certainly are beautiful to admire though.

After all that exploring we were thrilled to come across the perfect spot to rest. A good book and a hammock like this would make for the most wonderful afternoons.

If you plan to visit here are some tips:

Wear comfortable walking shoes.
Don't forget your camera.
Bring a picnic.
Check their website for upcoming events.

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