Monday, January 30, 2017

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
Published by Walker & Company, February 1, 2012

I had never heard of this book until I saw the trailer for the movie. It looked like any other children's fantasy movie and when I saw that it was based on a book I knew I had to read it. I went into this book not knowing much about it. There was a boy and a monster. Seems pretty harmless and fun, right? Wrong!

This is the story of a boy named Conor and how he comes to deal with his mothers terminal illness. He feels so alone, invisible. So he calls upon a monster. The monster takes the form of a tree, a yew tree to be exact. The same tree his mother looks out the window at often. The monster appears at 12:07. He tells Conor that he will tell him 3 stories and in return he will get a 4th story from Conor and "it will be the truth". The monster appears when Conor needs him and helps him cope with the heartbreaking situations around him. 
The illustrations throughout the book are amazing, adding just that extra layer of emotion. The author's writing is phenomenal! 
A Monster Calls is a rather short book at only 224 pages, but nothing seems rushed, only urgent. It truly captured what it is to love someone and let them go. To face the truth. It is a beautifully tragic story that will leave you sad but also uplifted. 
This book is recommended for children but I don't think young children (under 10 maybe?) would be able to fully grasp the meaning of the story and what it is that Conor is going through. I'd say this one is more for older kids, teens, even adults! I think everyone can relate, in one way or another, to what Conor is facing. 
I did watch the movie after reading this and it does differ slightly from the book. There is a scene at the end of the movie that was not in the book that was so sweet and moving :)
 It was no less heart wrenching though. Still, it is a must see! Have lots of tissues on hand! 


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