Dragon Con 2015

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

We had a great time at Dragon Con 2015! Here are a few of our highlights.

Lost Girls
We've been waiting so long to meet Anna and Ksenia and it finally happened. Both ladies are so incredibly kind.

Kris Holden-Ried "Groupie" Collage

Ran into our favorite werewolf, had some laughs and took some goofy selfies. What a character!

Paul Amos

We had far too much fun meeting everyone, especially, Vex! Paul Amos is so funny and crazy. We are super excited to play the new Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Team Jacob Frye

We met Zoie Palmer and Rachel Skarsten who were both absolutely lovely! We have plenty of new autographs to add to our collections.

Jesse Rath

Bobbie was thrilled to meet one of her favorite Castithans, Alak Tarr.

People Watching

In between meeting our favorite celebs, hitting panels and getting completely lost, we had to take a few breathers and check out the amazing cosplayers. I spy Austin Powers.

We were sooo excited to meet and chat with the Once Upon a Time, Queens of Darkness! Kristin Bauer, Merrin Dungey and Victoria Smurfit are beyond fabulous.

Victoria was kind and generous enough to not only personalize her autographed Cruella picture to all three of Bobbie's kids but also record a personalized message for them since they couldn't be there to meet her.

They were thrilled and felt so special. What an amazing woman!

Fili lives!!!! We absolutely LOVED meeting Dean O'Gorman. He is so sweet. Now maybe, we can watch the Battle of Five Armies without crying our eyes out. Unlikely, but one can hope.

We also met and got an autograph from the wonderful Sylvester Mccoy! After 40 hours with no sleep, we were a tad worn out.

Here we were taking in the view on the 47th floor. We had an amazing weekend at Dragon Con but now it's time to catch up on all that much needed rest and dream about next year. ZZzzz

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