Spring is coming! Butterflies abound in the Butterfly Rainforest.

Monday, March 09, 2015

We took a trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History to take a stroll through the Butterfly Rainforest. I wasn't sure we would see many butterflies considering spring doesn't officially begin for a couple more weeks but there were so many butterflies! We had to be very careful where we stepped. They flit around landing wherever they please. We also had to watch out for quail crossing our path. This is a fun adventure for anyone who loves butterflies.

We spent the day photographing and filming these beautiful creatures. One friendly little guy landed on my arm and stayed with me through most of the journey acting as my tiny tour guide. Three times a day the Museum has live butterfly releases so we were sure to stick around for that. Outside the Museum you can purchase different plants that attract butterflies to your garden.


We definitely want to return in September for ButterflyFest!

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